Mini Splits Series: Tis The Season For Change

“Embrace this season of life, for it is just that…a season and there will be changes.” Join Lawa-Na for this weeks Mini-Splits episode as she talks about the seasons changing, some personal challenges and changes she’s found herself working through in the past few weeks, putting too much on your plate, energy shifting, and shaking […]

Mini Splits Series: Get a Vibrator, Get a Dog, Get a Hamster!

In this Mini-Splits series, Nichole talks about ALL kinds of things! From a book that provides the guiding principles of her life to one of the most annoying questions she gets asked. She also offers some advice for those going through breakups- including, get a vibrator, get a dog, get a hamster! You’re going to want to hear this!

Co-Parenting Collaboration

Are you in a co-parenting relationship? We are! Today we talk about what we’ve learned through our own failures and adventures in co-parenting. As always, our conversations take so many twists and turns- and this one is no exception! We delve into Botox and fillers (which one of us is experimenting with those!), 36 Questions that lead to love, and cake that’s better than sex???? You ought to hear this…