Mini Splits Series: Choosing Not To Betray Myself


The most important person you can keep a promise to is yourself.  – Unknown
Happy Hump Day listeners!  We are so happy you’re here with us.  It’s Lawa-Na this week! Join me for a quick mini split where I share some real and raw truths on how I came to the conclusion around one specific choice to NOT betray myself.  I have found over the years that in life we are faced with many choices; some easy, some hard. Ultimately, we make these choices based on our own beliefs and values, or we make these choices from a place of fear and worry.  Sometimes we even make choices to please others and to keep them happy based on their beliefs and fears.  I am positively certain and walking, living proof, that there is such a sense of freedom and release when we can find the strength within ourselves to CHOOSE ourselves. Keeping a promise to yourself is the most important promise you can keep.  I’m here to encourage you and give you permission to choose yourself.  If you’re facing a tough decision, and you’re worrying about everything and everyone else around the choice you need to make, release it. During this difficult time I went through, I kept replaying in my mind this thought: “If you cannot keep a promise to yourself, who will you keep a promise to?”   Feel free to use that mantra if you feel that it will be helpful with any choice you are presently facing.
Much love and thank you for listening.
Lawa-Na & Nichole

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