Mini Splits Series: Learning Dial It In And When To Say No

You have to learn to say No without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy. You need to learn to respect yourself and take care of yourself.  – Unknown
Coming in Hot… Lawa-Na snagged a page out of Nichole’s book this week and “procrastinated.” Haha!  But here it is, short and sweet.  Tune in this week as she dives into the “REAL” daily challenges around choosing “herself” FIRST.  The “REAL” struggles around Self-care, family, work, and the rest…
She shares a little bit about the reality of being PREGNANT at 37 and how different it is from being pregnant at 20, and 24…WOW… NEVER SAY NEVER ladies… blessings come in mysterious ways, and growing a human at any age is hard work, but seems especially different at her present age. #16weeks today.
With a final “Check in” on dialing in on your intentional focus and choices… and losing the habit around putting yourself on the back burner.
Enjoy loves, see you next week!



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