Empowering Girls With Miranda Mulligan


Lead by example: SUPPORT WOMEN on their way to the top. Trust that they will EXTEND A HAND to those who follow.  – Mariela Dabbah

This interview is packed with nuggets you will want to keep with you on your journey of fighting self doubt and fear. Join us this week while we interview local photographer Miranda Mulligan as she opens up about her most recent project “ Empowering Girls.” That title alone was enough to stop us in our tracks and hopefully it stops you also.  You don’t want to miss this conversation.  Miranda opens up about her upbringing which included the lack of involvement from her biological mother, but more importantly the amazing influence she had from her stepmother, father, and her biggest influencer of all, her grandmother.  We discuss forging forward, pushing through the fear, and digging deep to figure out what drives passion. Nichole and Miranda are both ladies from the same small town of Berwick, Maine and they are proud residents who have big goals for their community.  We may touch base on the Kardashians and the Gilmore girls-  talk about a generational hop- but hey, do you expect anything more from us? We like to cover all bases.  Let’s agree that women who support women are more successful and we 100% support Miranda in her mission to Empower GIRLS…. #WEWILLRUNTHEWORLD





2 thoughts on “Empowering Girls With Miranda Mulligan

  1. If you want ti make an impact get involved with the program, Girls On the Run! It is a fabulous way to be involved appropriately in your community. Check it out!


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