Mini Splits Series: Are You Overthinking Your Choices?


A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear. – unknown

Alright everyone… its Wednesday!  Let’s join Lawa-Na today with a “mini splits episode” as she walks us through the 1,2,3 on decision making and overthinking. Who is with us?  Do you find yourself second guessing the simplest choices, or even the hardest choices? Are you great at seeing others standing in their light?  Is it easy for you to cheer them on with praise and congratulate them?  The BIG question is, can YOU get that excited for yourself and your own achievements, or are you finding yourself downplaying your own achievements like they aren’t a big deal?  Ladies, let’s start celebrating US!  Let’s STOP doubting ourselves and take action.  Don’t get lost in congratulating everyone else on their achievements, let’s  pause and take a moment to acknowledge how far YOU have come.  You have to be your own biggest fan, see the greatness within you… You are enough!

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