Mini Splits Series: Learning From Lessons


The past is behind, Learn from it.  The future is ahead, Prepare for it. The present is here, Live it. – unknown

Tune in this week for a mini split with Lawa-Na.  She is about to lead us down a path of reflecting, acknowledging, and moving on with grace from the lessons we have learned from past choices and experiences in life thus far.  She encourages us to pull value and greatness from all we have encountered.  She shares a real-life example of one of her own lessons she learned about removing expectation and demand around someone else’s choices and how she healed herself from doing so and was able to forgive them also.

Stop sucking it up and stuffing it down…. Don’t be afraid to be present in your own body, to feel your own feelings, and then move on from them. #donthittheignorebuttononyouremotions

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