Get Woke! An Interview with Amaya and James St. Pierre of Salon St. Pierre in Portsmouth, NH

“Where life begins and love never ends is where you find your Family” – Bubbles, Bing, Bonding
Wow… what an interview!  Join us this week as we interview our special guests Amaya & James St. Pierre of Salon St. Pierre in Portsmouth, NH.  Talk about defying the odds, this father and daughter duo is on fire. Their passion and joy is contagious and their motto is… “If you’re my client, you’re my family.” Tune in as we travel down the road of  ethnicity, challenges, successes, influencers, family goals, community, heritage, celebrity look alike goals, growth, horoscopes, and the key to a successful relationship. This is a happy family full of LOVE & JOY.  From backyard St. Pierre BBQ’s (that Nichole and I will be attending from here on in) to the dance parties in the salon, one thing is for sure, you will always feel welcome in their chairs.  James, who is native of Haiti, talks about his journey into the trade and how he developed his passion for the art of sculpting hair from a young age. He shares how it led him from Haiti to Brooklyn, NY, then to Waltham, MA, and finally landed him in Portsmouth, NH where he settled with his love of 25 years and has raised his 4 beautiful daughters. Amaya is one of his beautiful beautiful daughters and has looked up to her father from a young age. Her passion for the industry inspired her to make the decision to go to school for Cosmetology, get licensed and join forces with her father.. Their goals, dreams, present reality, and the passion they have for helping others are all worth a listen.  It’s authentic, it’s real, and it’s full of laughter… it’s our interview with these amazing souls. Press play and prepare to laugh and be inspired… what more could you want on a Wednesday…
Lawa-Na & Nichole

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