Mini Splits Series: Everybody is a Genius


“Passion is Energy. Feel the energy that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey
Tune in this week for a Mini-Splits Episode interview with Lawa-Na & her two boys!  Yes, her two kids, Malachi & Hayden have agreed to be her guests.  These two young entrepreneurs are on their way, and following their dreams with the encouragement of mom.   They have decided to put their dreams and goals on a VISION BOARD for 2019! As most of us know, being a parent isn’t a walk in the park.  At times we feel like we are the worst parent and at other times we feel like we are the best.  Encouraging our children to step into their true passion and  to truly pursue what they are passionate about from such a young age, some may find risky… but for Lawa-Na, this is simply how she is showing up for her children.  This is exactly how she feels they need her to show up for them… encourage, and listen. She is indeed their #1 Fan.  As a serial entrepreneur herself, she can’t help but to be overjoyed walking alongside her two children as they embark on their own journeys…Enjoy this episode and we encourage you all to interview your children… spend some time finding out what they are passionate about, let them dream, have them make a vision board…Let them explore the opportunity to succeed doing what brings them joy and sets their souls on fire!
Dedication to my children:
“You were born to DANCE to the beat of your own heart.  To ROAM without cages, with the INNOCENCE of a child and the FREE SPIRIT of untamed horses.  I hope you LAUGH without stopping, LIVE with abandon and LOVE like that’s all there is. Stay WILD, my wild wild child.” – Unknown


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