Interview with Rachel Simon: “Finding a Healthy Happy”

“The only difference between courage and stupidity is the outcome”  – Tory Jones

Ok ladies, this is a good one! Tune in while we get to know more about Rachel Simon, the creator of the “Finding a Healthy Happy” brand and Virtual Fitness/ Accountability Coach.  Listen up while Rachel gets vulnerable with us and shares the highs and lows of creating her brand as well as the inspiration behind it.  What a privilege it was for us to have her as a guest on the show. Rachel is the rockstar mom of 3 children, the diligent wife to her love of 14 yrs., Marty. She’s also an entrepreneur and teacher.  Rachel and her husband made a HUGE life changing decision just over 3 years ago to welcome their 3rd (and final) addition to the family, and to also bring her home from her full time job as a second grade public school teacher.  Their mission and focus was on creating a healthier, happier home for her family.  The middle child of five, Rachel has always found herself beating to her own drum.  Through good, bad, highs and lows, Rachel has opted to reinvent herself as a walking billboard for a healthier, happier lifestyle, encouraging others along the way. There are way too many take-away nuggets in this episode to sum up in a short description, so you must tune in and experience a glimpse of Rachel’s journey for yourself.

Much Love ~

Lawa-Na & Nichole

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