Take Care of Your Soul, No One Else Knows What It Needs



An empty lantern provides no light. Self- care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly. -Unknown

This week you are getting the best of both girls… the band is back together!  Although we aren’t singing you a song, we sure are singing our thoughts around lots of hot topics and emotions that are in the air. Listen, everybody needs a day off, take yours and be unapologetic about it. Challenge yourself! Take a 24 hour break from social media and see what that does for you, your energy and your mood. Pay attention to the pros and cons, then, adjust your daily routine accordingly. This week we delve into our outlooks on relationships…of all kinds of relationships. You don’t want to miss this conversation. Lawa-Na talks about dropping positive bombs all over her social media, while Nichole talks about buying an RV and hitting the road. Hear about the new books we are tapping into and lots more. We are wishing all of our listeners a safe and happy holiday this week!

Much Love, Nichole & Lawa-Na

2 thoughts on “Take Care of Your Soul, No One Else Knows What It Needs

  1. Love this, girls!!! So much YES to getting rid of the extra media time and dumping the junk from my life.
    And I would totally join you for line dancing! I’ve never done it before but have always wanted to.


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