Mini Splits Series: Consistency Where It Counts


“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives its what we do consistently.”  Tony Robbins

This week…Join Lawa-Na this week for your Mini-splits episode as she dives into this short week in her striped pajama pants doing her morning mom hustle, while encouraging all to make time to call or visit their grandparents, especially during this time of year.  She’s giving you all a warning that, the SNOW is coming…Seasons are still in full force CHANGING… Dry skin remedies, universal signs, consistency where it counts most, and as always encouraging everyone to be their own authentic self. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT- You can’t go around being sour to people and expect to get sweet results… DON’T BE A “D”… just a friendly reminder to put out into this world what you wish to receive back and treat people as you would like to be treated… Elementary 101 right?… Sending so much love to you all~ This thing called LIFE just might be the craziest rollercoaster you’ll ever be on, so if you are a person that has fear around rollercoasters,  WE are going to encourage you to buckle up, align with that fear, and enjoy the ride called life
~ xoxo Lawa-Na & Nichole

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